Getting started with multi-post publishing from Radio to Movable Type

by Andrew Grumet building on Dave Winer's single-post version

These instructions are for Radio programmers and will be refined before publishing for general consumption

Write your weblog from Radio's outliner!
5/7/04; 3:50:05 PM The next version, currently in testing, will support categories via the MetaWeblog API.
Current version 0.95 (11/20/03; 11:42:13 PM by AG)
Cleaned up the save operation and saving everything to the non-upstreamed archived directory.
Previous version 0.9 (11/7/03; 12:36:20 AM by AG)
Added recovery of old posts and "insert new item" at the top of the outline.
Previous version 0.8 (11/5/03; 6:58:59 AM by AG)
  1. A "weblog page" is a single outline containing all of your posts for today. Each top-level headline and its children will be converted to one item in MT. The top-level headline is the item's title and the children are the description. More here and here.
  2. This tool has been tested against Movable Type (v2.64) but in theory it will work with any tool that supports the metaWeblog or Blogger APIs.
  3. Download myWeblogOutliner.root and install as directed in the Dave's instructions.
  4. If you're replacing an existing installation of myWeblogOutliner, you may have to create a new windowType for myWeblogOutlinerWindowTypes.weblogPage by inserting a row into (see also Check for the weblogPage type and insert a row for it if it isn't there, using the weblogPost entry as a template.
  5. Remove the <rule level="1" to "1"> from user.myWeblogOutliner.prefs.rules
  6. In general DO NOT embed rules in your working outline. Put them in user.myWeblogOutliner.prefs.rules.
  7. In general, avoid typing in the outline window while your post is being saved. Until we come up with something better, you can check progress by watching the Radio status window to see when tcp.httpClient is done with its network writes. The issue here is that the save script needs to update the live outline with post ids returned from MT, so it contends with you for the outline data. I've coded things to minimize the potential for contention, but the script still leaves its mark by "selecting all" on the current headline once when it starts and once when it ends. If you're typing when this happens, you may accidentally type over the current headline.
  8. If you want to share outlines between machines using a single Radio account and upstreaming, set pageWebsharingEnabled to true in the setup menu. Archives will be stored in the myWeblogOutliner subfolder of your www folder. You must have upstreaming enabled in order for this feature to work (you probably do already). When you switch machines during the day, the refresh will happen automatically on a machine that doesn't have today's archive. If today's archive already exists (you went from Machine A to Machine B back to Machine A), you can overwrite today's archive by selecting "Refresh Today's Page From Web" from the Tools -> My Weblog Outliner menu.
  9. You'll have to modify Movable Type if you want to be able to publish title-less posts:
You should be ready to go. Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.

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